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Entrepreneur, Author, Mother, Survivor, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 

Monaye Etana has a heart for the people.


She is passionate about encouraging and empowering women who are dealing with issues from their past.  It is with her gifts that she is able to help others on their journey to freedom.


In her book, No Longer Bound, Breaking Free from the Weight of Abandonment, Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault, she takes readers on her courageous journey of determination, faith, and resilience, and addresses the fact that every woman has a story that needs to be told. 

Embrace joyous living!

Monaye Etana


Monaye Etana is a Finance professional, speaker, author, advocate for the prevention of suicide and child abuse, and serves as a Mission Ambassador in the fight against child trafficking.

She is also a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and the owner of The Grief Path.

It is Monaye’s experiences with grief and the subsequent healing that inspired her to help others move beyond their grief and live their lives to their fullest potential.

A Florida native, Monaye runs a Lupus blog in her spare time to inspire others with chronic illnesses like herself.

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Blog: Unbreakable Survivor

Fighting to Win Against Lupus

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The Grief Path:

Grief Support Services

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